Friday, March 20, 2009

This is a true story

Although I can't say it has much of a plot.

Once upon a time, when I was an undergraduate math major at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, I lived in an apartment on Eight Avenue Southeast and E. Hennepin Avenue, which meant I had to cross hwy 35-W to get from Dinkytown to my place right on the edge when Southeast Minneapolis meets Northeast Minneapolis.

There are several ways over 35W, and I took a different one every night to keep things interesting. My favorite one was the 5th Avenue footbridge, which spiraled around and doubled back on itself.

I was working at Rocky Rococo then, the best pizza you could get in Dinkytown, where, as the Minnesota Daily once reported, pizza parlors outnumber bookstores by three to one. My shift was done at eleven. I was walking home; it was a Friday night. As I did the helix circle of the Fifth Avenue bridge, I passed a little old man heading towards Dinkytown. This was odd enough because it was a student neighborhood, and you met very few people older than college age. And also (sorry if this is a snide comment), how many old people are out and about at about eleven-thirty at night? But the oddest thing was his eyes. They were bright blue--shining blue, like fluorescent lights, only the color of turquoise. No human has eyes like that. I've never seen anything like it, before or after. Bright, glowing eyes--it was clear he was a supernatural being. I don't know if he was good or evil, but the vibe I got passing him was not good. He met my gaze but passed on by, so obviously I was not his target that night. But it utterly terrified me. I went straight home and locked my door, knowing a flimsy cheap hardware store lock and door wouldn't do me a lick of good if he was after me.

I never saw him again, thank goodness, but I can't help wondering if anyone else ever has.


  1. Nothing, really. My writing coach told me I should write the story of each of our cats (just in case it would ever come in handy, and also before I forgot), and then I thought, well, there's lot of things that ought to be written down, maybe this would be a reasonable place to put them. :-) Thanks for asking! I suppose because the novel is about supernatural beings, it seemed that the demon/angel/whatever he was wouldn't be totally out of place here.

  2. a writing coach! that would be a good thing. hope to see you guys soon. xx, me