Friday, December 17, 2010

Okay so I lied

I wasn't back in the saddle, I was just pretending to be. Now here I am again. Will things get any better? Will I actually do any writing now? Hard to say, no promises.

The thing is, I got this job, and it is really, really intense. Not bad, just intense. But that kind of environment burns you down, and when you have to travel and get faced with a family emergency or two, and then the holidays, well, it definitely cuts into the energy that you would use for writing novels.

The upshot is, no novels are being written at this time.

As an aid to myself, I've been wanting to list the ideas I've been working on, either to keep from forgetting anything or as a prioritization tool. So I'll do that. In a day or two. Right now, the real priority is to have a martini and unwind after another very intense week.