Saturday, January 15, 2011

Journal Entry 08/10/06

At the Island recycling Center this weekend, I observed a remarkably handsome man (though not nearly as handsome, of course, as my hunky partner Kurt). This man was tall, bald (with blond hair on the sides) and a plain white camp shirt unbuttoned part way down. It showed the hair on his chest, not that I was looking. He flashed a sexy smile, which of course was disconcerting since I was conscientiously not looking, due to the fact that I'm a happily married man. I wondered what Kurt thought of him and made a mental note to ask him when we got back into the car.

When I got my bin of recyclables out of the back of the car, he was gone, and his car was gone--and yet, no car had left the parking area during that time. So clearly, he was never there in a physical, bodily sense. I can't help wondering, therefore, what he actually was--a ghost? An elemental of some sort? A spirit? Or just a figment of my imagination?

I don't think he was a spirit, because he exuded some kind of sexual magnetism, whereas a spirit I think of as something more heady, abstract. I think I'd probably go with a ghost. But I'm positive he was there--and then, he wasn't. Makes you want to read A.S. Byatt, doesn't it? Rather disconcerting, to be truthful.

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