Saturday, January 29, 2011

Duck eggs

Had to go to Baltimore for work for a few days and decided it was a good excuse to take a few weeks off from writing. Do more reading, less writing, a bit of replenishing. I reread the third volume of the Ring Trilogy. It was harder to follow than I remembered. Trying to track the geography on the map is slow going.

But that's not what this blog entry is about. Instead, I figured I'd spend some time blathering on about what I've been cooking and eating. In case my vast readership of three subscribers is interested.

I found duck eggs at the new bakery at Lynnwood Center on Bainbridge Island. They looked enormous and delicious and worth every cent of the 75 cents apiece that I paid for them. (Is that a good price? It seems reasonable enough for humanely raised eggs from a species other than chicken.)

Several friends on Facebook pointed out how important it is to keep the yolk runny. It's very rich. You may read some ambiguous (or downright negative) words about the yolks on the Internet. I suppose it depends on what the ducks have been eating. But these yolks were delicious, and yes, I cooked them runny. Here is the recipe:

It is so easy, and it gives a very precise time suggestion for cooking the eggs (based on size). So it's fairly fool proof. And very amusing to read, as well.

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