Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Only Book

I just finished Charlaine Harris's third Sookie Stackhouse book, Club Dead. And I loved it. Although I wish things had worked out better with Alcide Herveaux, but maybe in some future volume....
Something I've been discussing with my therapist: I've only finished two books since September, although I've started something like fifteen. What gives? That's between her and me, I'm afraid. But I can tell you, both of those books involve werewolves.

Meanwhile, I have been (mostly) resisting the temptation to reread The Year of Magical Thinking. Every so often, a book takes over my mind to the extent that it becomes the only book, the one that seems to hold the key to everything, and I keep rereading it, and I can't seem to stop. I read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie thirteen times. I read Memento Mori eight times. I read Loitering with Intent five times. I read A Book of Common Prayer seven times. I read Fiskadoro five times. I read Riddley Walker four times. I read Una Vincenzo Troubridge's The Six Wives of Henry VIII nine times, although I can't imagine why I thought it was so good then (I was in fourth grade). What else? Oh yes, Earthly Paradise, by Colette. Nine times. I did read each of these over and over in a row. The Year of Magical Thinking is the one that I pick up every couple of years. And I think I'm about ready to do it again. There's been so much loss the last couple of years, it seems like the best primer for going on with life.


  1. we should have a year-of-magical-thinking-athon. i'm re-reading "in lieu of flowers" by nancy cobb;both parents had alzheimer's, her father committed suicide, and then 14 yrs later, her mother died of the disease - some great empathetic stuff - "death forces a grace period on all of us"

  2. I'll check into "In lieu of Flowers." Thanks, Miss Plum!